As Seen On: RV Travel – Level your RV with your Apple or Android device

Great RV Accessories Product Spotlight – WoBLR™  – The “World’s Best Level for RVs”!

By Russ and Tiña De Maris


If your fifth wheel, travel trailer or motorhome isn’t equipped with automatic levelers, you know how much of a bear leveling can be. With one person inside watching the bubble level, another outside manipulating leveling boards or manual cranks, the shouting and frustration is real.

An easier way looks to have been hit upon, particularly if you’re a member of the crowd that carries an Apple or Android device. Called “The WoBLR,” it may well reduce the frustration of time-consuming running back and forths, and the neighborhood-disturbing shouts associated with the leveling process. Here’s the premise: The WoBLR is like being outside your rig – and yet watching a level inside your rig. The clear display on your phone or tablet also shows the offset for your jackpoints, making leveling a whole lot easier.


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