FINALLY, An Accurate Black Tank Sensor

We’ve all been there. You just drained your black tank, hit the black tank button in your RV and it still says 1/3 or 2/3 full? WTH. Then you go down the road of trying different additives in your tank, trying different toilet paper, filling and draining, and still, the issue always comes back. Sometimes the sensors works, most of the times they don’t, but can you really ever trust the readings again after that? I know we don’t and that’s why we created a replacement tank sensor system that installs on your RV Black Water tank as well as your other grey and white (fresh) water tanks. This is our newest product in our Black Magic™ product line called the smartRV™ tank sensor. You DO NOT have to replace your KIB panel in your RV and now you can finally get precise, reliable readings and never worry about additives again.

Black Magic Tank Sensor

Installation Couldn’t Be Easier…

Simply *clean the area where you’ll install our 4 sensors and control board. Peel the tape and stick. Plug in the 2 existing KIB wires and our system gets right to work. Never worry about inaccurate Black Tank sensor readings again with our Black Magic™ smartRV™ tank sensor!

* We include an adhesive promotor for 100% adhesion.

PRE-ORDER BLACK MAGIC™ smartRV™ tank sensor

Due to high demand for this product in the industry, we are doing a first for us here at RV Intelligence and allowing our most loyal customer a chance to pre-order this new innovative tank sensor solution before the general public. Feel free to reach out to us anytime and we can go over your current unique install if you have questions.