RV / motorhome slide remote control app technology for your phone or tablet

One of the Best RV Apps Around: Control Your Slides Right from your Phone or Tablet!

When you think about it, the slide is one of the more remarkable RV inventions: a great way to offer expanded living space when stationary yet keep the RV within the width necessary for road travel. For RVers who set up camp at the beginning of the summer and stay put for an extended duration, frequently expanding and contracting the slides is probably not an issue. But for weekend warriors or those dedicated RVers who set out for extended sightseeing tours, frequently adjusting the slides each time you go in and out of a different campsite can be a real pain.


Frankly, we can speak from personal experience when we say that we got tired of always having to get up and find the internal control mechanism each and every time we wanted to adjust our slide. That’s why we invented the RV slide remote control! This affordable aftermarket product allows you to control every slide on your RV right from your smart phone or tablet. When installed* into the wiring of the slide motor (an easy process for individuals with knowledge of their RV’s wiring system or for a professional RV service provider) and paired with our unique RVIQMOTION™ app, you never need to leave the fireside to adjust a slide ever again.


The JAS5™ or the JAS30™: Choose the Option that Fits Your RV Slides

We have created two similar but slightly different aftermarket products designed for the unique purpose of providing a remote control for your RV slides right on your smart phone or device. All you need to know is the size of your slide motor:




The RVIQMotion app can control an unlimited number of remote control units, so whether your RV has one slide or three, you can control all of them right from your smart phone or mobile device without ever leaving the comfort of your seat! And our proprietary RVIQMOTIONLOCK technology locks down the slides when the RV or trailer is in motion to prevent any potential safety hazards.

Moreover, neither the JAS5™ nor the JAS30™ are limited to just slides: this amazing camper remote control system can be installed* into the wiring of any powered feature with the correct motor size, including jacks, awning, and more! Developed by RVers for RVers, both the JAS30™ and the JAS5™ are made and manufactured (as much as possible) right here in the United States of America.


* Installation Disclaimer: Installing JAS remote control devices requires working with your RV’s electrical system. Anything involving electricity and wiring can be dangerous and therefore, installation of this device should only be attempted by a knowledgeable professional. We highly recommend having the remote control units professionally installed by your local RV service provider. However, our website (https://rviqproducts.com/support/installation) provides installation instructions for RVer with electrical experience.


RV Intelligence: Smart RV Products for Smart RVers

At RV Intelligence, we offer Smart RV Products for Smart RVers. We specialize in after-market products designed to minimize the small headaches and stresses associated with RVing so you can get to the fun faster! To purchase any of our products utilizing the latest RV technology, please visit one of our growing family of RV accessory retailers online and across the country.


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