FINALLY, An Accurate Black Tank Sensor

We’ve all been there. You just drained your black tank, hit the black tank button in your RV and it still says 1/3 or 2/3 full? WTH. Then you go down the road of trying different additives in your tank, trying different toilet paper, filling and draining, and still, the issue always comes back. Sometimes the sensors works, most of the times they don’t, but can you really ever trust the readings again after that? I know we don’t and that’s why we created a replacement tank sensor system that installs on your RV Black Water tank as well as your other grey and white (fresh) water tanks. This is our newest product in our smartRV™ product line called the BlackMagic™ tank sensor. You DO NOT have to replace your KIB panel in your RV and now you can finally get precise, reliable readings and never worry about additives again.


Black Magic Tank Sensor

How it works

The BlackMagic Tank Sensor System works with CAPACITIVE SENSING TECHNOLOGY, the same way your smart device touch screen senses your finger, the BlackMagic Tank Sensor senses that there is liquid on the other side of the tank wall, ANY LIQUID. The BlackMagic Tank Sensor is different from other similar products on the market because our patent pending sensor allows the for FULL LENGTH CAPACITIVE SENSING ON ANY TANK, and our sensor is very robust and easy to install. Other products cannot be installed on every tank, require a new display panel, or provide only “spot” sensing where the three LEDS that work just like they do today.

The BlackMagic Tank Sensor utilizes the current display in your RV, the current wiring and the three LEDs, but our patent pending technology shows you YOUR TANK LEVEL IN 10 STEPS! Even more important, we show you when you are REALLY ON EMPTY, AND REALLY AT FULL on those same three LEDs.

The unit comes as one board and is then broken apart into a control board and four sensor boards. The sensor boards can be adjusted in size, can be uneven sizes and can sized by breaking off tabs on each end of the sensor. The idea is to create a VIRTUAL LINE ALONG THE SIDE OF THE TANK WITH THE SENSORS, with the overfull sensor being near the top of the tank. The sensors are placed in a line along the side of the tank, but can be separated physically, as an example if the full and overfull sensors were on one face of the tank, and the 1/3 and 2/3 sensors were around the corner it would still work, as long as the “virtual” line is made from bottom to overfull sensor. The control board should be placed as close as possible to the sensor boards. The control board is connected to a sensor with a pair of wires, one wire is the measurement wire, the second wire does not connect to the sensor, but it terminated right at the sensor connection, this wire provides compensation so that stray signals are removed.

Now to the display, the BlackMagic Tank Sensor COMMANDS THE LEDS TO DISPLAY ENHANCED INFORMATION, the LEDs are flashed to show you where the level of the tank is and goes solid when that sensor is completely covered in liquid. As the example, if the LEDs are showing nothing but the EMPTY LED, your tank is really empty. As the tank fills with liquid, the first led (1/3) will be flashing once per second, when the level exceeds ~10% the LED will begin flashing twice per second, then three time per second, then goes solid at over 30% and then the next LED (2/3) will begin flashing once per second and so on until the final LED (3/3: FULL) goes solid and you are now full. Now for the really important feature, overfull, really overfull. The BlackMagic Tank Sensor will flash all three LEDs three times a second continuously to show that the overfull sensor is activated, now when you want to add that little bit of extra fresh water or allow a few more uses of the other tanks, you will know exactly when you have reached the real limits.

BlackMagic Tank Sensor Installation Guide

PRE-ORDER smartRV™ BlackMagic Tank Sensor

Due to high demand for this product in the industry, we are doing a first for us here at RV Intelligence and allowing our most loyal customer a chance to pre-order this new innovative tank sensor solution before the general public. Feel free to reach out to us anytime and we can go over your current unique install if you have questions.