How Can I Get My RV Perfectly Level? With The WoBLR™, That’s How!

Anyone who has spent even one night in a wobbly or off-level RV understands just how important getting your RV or trailer perfectly level is for both your safety and your comfort. Yet leveling your RV can be an exacting and frustrating process, even if you have a high-end motorhome with an automated leveling system. Frankly, built-in systems just aren’t that accurate, while manually adjusting blocks and jacks can be time-consuming and exhausting. And let’s face it: it can be hard to enjoy that first night at camp when you’re tired out from just setting up your RV!



Now, there is an easier, faster way to level your RV. The WoBLR™ is the “World’s Best Level for RVs”! Of course, that’s our opinion, but we’re sure that once you give it a try, you’ll agree. The WoBLR™ is an RV leveling app for your phone or mobile device, enabling you to see exactly how level your RV is with each change or alteration to the wheel blocks or jacks. We are sure you will agree that that’s much, much easier than walking around to look at all of the different RV bubble levels. And best of all, it’s accurate to within one (1) degree. That’s significantly more accurate than most on-board leveling systems. With the WoBLR™, you’ll never have to worry about wobbling again!


Two Amazing Features in One Great RV Leveling App!

The WoBLR™ includes two easy-to-use features designed to eliminate two of the most common RVing headaches: leveling your RV and finding the right height to reconnect your hitch.

  • Leveler App: When the WoBLR™ module is installed on any (that’s right, ANY) flat surface inside your RV, calibrated, and paired to our free app from the iTunes or Google Play store, you have an easy-to-read visual RV bubble level right on your smart phone or tablet. Watch the app while making small adjustments to your manual or pneumatic jacks, and the app will tell you when your RV is exactly level!
  • Jack Point: Our innovative Jack Point feature enables you to quickly and easily find the right level to sail right under your ball hitch or 5th wheel king pin, making reconnecting a breeze every single time. By calibrating the Jack Point on the RVIQWOBLR™ app every time you disconnect, the app will show you when you are at exactly the right hitch height to make reconnecting quick and easy!


The World’s Best Level for RVs: Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use!

As RVers ourselves, we understand the importance of both saving money and saving time so you get to the fun of camping more quickly! So we designed the WoBLR™ to be both affordable and easy to set up. In just a few easy steps, you can calibrate the WoBLR™ module to your RV and then it’s ready to go!

  • Download and install the RVIQWOBLR™ App (available for both Android and Apple devices) on your smartphone or tablet
  • Pair the app with the WoBLR™ module
  • Mount the WoBLR™ module on any flat surface (it need not be perfectly level itself)
  • Activate the HOME Calibration feature to enable your WoBLR™ to find a perfect “zero” level
  • Set the Hitch Point Calibration
  • Personalize the WoBLR™ with information about your RV type so it can calculate the offsets at your jacks


We encourage you to visit our website at for additional instructional details and videos prepared by RV Intelligence founder, Herb Gingold.


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