Hitch PinLeash

Never lose your hitch pin or clip again!

Hitch PinLeash

Whether you RV a few times a summer or you are an avid year-rounder, you know the frustration that comes from losing your hitch pin. As enthusiastic RVers ourselves, we’ve lost count of the number of times we have lost a pin and we bet you have too. That’s why we designed the Hitch PinLeash, an ingeniously simple solution for this all-too-common problem! The Hitch PinLeash is a robust silicone restraining strap designed to keep your pin securely in place so you never have to worry about losing it again. Designed to work with both 5/8” and 1/2” hitch pins and clips, the Hitch PinLeash provides a strong and secure way to prevent the pin from sliding out of place and getting lost as you drive or as you camp. It even has a way to hold the clip as well!

The Hitch Pin Leash on red truck
The Hitch Pin Leash

Retain your pin and your peace of mind

With the Hitch PinLeash, you know with certainty that your hitch pin and clip are secure. The bright, easy-to-see Hitch PinLeash provides visible confirmation that the pin is in place, as well as the knowledge that it can’t move out of place when you are on the move. In other words, with the Hitch PinLeash, you can be sure that when you are ready to get going, your pin and clip will be ready too!

No need for replacement hitch pins

Who among us serious RVers hasn’t experienced the frustration of losing your hitch pin, only to realize that you don’t have a back-up, or even worse, that you know you have a back-up but you can’t find it?  Well, with the Hitch PinLeash, you never need to worry about buying back-up replacement hitch pins or remembering where you put them, because the Hitch PinLeash keeps both your pin and clip safe and secure at all times.

Metal Hitch Pin
The Hitch Pin Leash in packaging

Strong and durable

Developed by RVers for RVers, the Hitch PinLeash has been designed to withstand the rigors of frequent use and constant exposure to the weather and the road. The strap itself is thick, sturdy, and robust and it is manufactured utilizing the highest-quality silicone specifically designed to maximize performance in all temperatures.

Questions and Answers

What is the Hitch PinLeash made of?

The strap is manufactured using the highest quality silicone. It is thick,
sturdy, robust and is specifically designed to maximize performance
in all temperatures.

How do I attach a Hitch PinLeash?

You can place the loop over the ball, or around the hitch shaft, most
common is to loop it on the chain connector. Pass the loop through the
chain hole then insert the wide head of the Hitch PinLeash through
the slit and pull it tight. Place your pin into the hole on the head of the
leash, then slide the pin into place on the vehicle, securing the other
end of the pin with the clip.

What color does the Hitch PinLeash come in?

The Hitch PinLeash is a bright red to provide a visual indication that
your hitch pin is safely in place, we only offer RED today, but will be
offering other colors in the future.

What are the magnets for?

The magnets have multiple uses, if you use the standard pin;
place the safety clip on the magnets while working on your
hitch. If you use a locking pin it will keep the locking head safely off the
ground, they foul with dirt easily. Also, you can use the magnets to
adhere the Hitch PinLeash to the bumper or body of the vehicle for
temporary safe storage of the pin.

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