Welcome to the new age in RVing, Technology for everyone!

Years ago I was a sales engineer for a technology company in Florida. I traveled the entire state (Florida is bigger than most think), and if you know Florida and the south you know getting to your destination can be a challenge. At that time GPS navigation was making its first appearance in high end cars. I knew that type of product would make my life easier. I could not afford the class of car that came with Navigation (not to mention it was a very expensive upgrade). A company by the name of Garmin came along and offered an aftermarket GPS/Nav at a very reasonable $500. The value it brought me in getting to my customers and back home quickly and conveniently was well worth the cost, and I did not have to get the very expensive car.


When I first started camping, I ran into the same problem. I would encounter a challenge and see that the solution existed but only on very expensive RVs, but it was cost prohibitive on my modest bumper pull. The tools I did find available were typically not up to the task or my expectations, but they also were time wasting and inefficient, sometimes even dangerous.


We created our products to provide the average RVer with the convenience and features found on high-end RVs today. They are on those rigs because they are valuable in the RV experience, but the cost of those RVs are out of most folks’ price range, and the RV aftermarket has left us with few affordable options for advanced features. Our products are the “Garmins” of their function. We give you the conveniences and make it affordable.


In future blogs I will tell you the problems I have run into and how I solved them or improved the process to enhance our RV experience. Hopefully the stories will resonate with you. Some are funny, some were stressful, but the result has been Vicky and I have embarked on the greatest adventure we could have imagined, starting RV Intelligence to sell our RV inventions!


The products we created are truly from our camping experiences. I had to enhance my camping experience by innovating. Our WoBLR and JAS remote controls are perfect examples. So, what would make your life easier when you’re traveling in your RV? We would love to hear from you! We’re continually developing more Smart RV products. Keep an eye on RV Intelligence to see what is coming next.


In future Blog installments I will show you other benefits of our current technology and discuss our upcoming products and solicit your feedback.