Getting your RV perfectly level used to be a time-consuming hassle, time that could be spend enjoying the RV life with family and friends. Now, with just a few easy steps, the WoBLR makes leveling your RV and reconnecting to your hitch quick and easy:

  • Download and install the RVIQWoBLR App on your smartphone or tablet
  • Pair the app with the WoBLR hardware
  • Mount your WoBLR device on any flat surface
  • Set the HOME Calibration to enable your WoBLR to achieve a perfect “zero” level
  • Set the Hitch Point Calibration
  • Personalize the WoBLR with your specific RV type and dimensions so the WoBLR can calculate the offsets at your jacks

And it’s versatile, too: it can even be used as a general purpose level to help level your picnic table, grill, or any other camping equipment that needs to be straight for comfort and ease of use!