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App Instructions

Need some help with an App? Our APP INSTRUCTIONS section will guide you through the app setup. Get the latest App from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple). Consult your phone manufacturer for instructions on how to download apps to your particular device.

RVIQ Motion app directions

The WoBLR app directions


While installation is relatively easy for someone with electrical wiring experience, we recommend anyone that is not already familiar with the wiring of their RV have the unit professionally installed at their local RV service provider. Current product installation instructions are available in the INSTALLATION section.

WoBLR2 Quick Start Guide and Hardware Installation

WoBLR Hardware Installation Guide

smartRV controls MODULE Hardware Installation Guide

Pigtail Adapter Installation Guide

Installation Directions JAS30 for Slides

smartRV controls OEM Hardware Installation Guide

BlackMagic Tank Sensor Installation Guide



User manuals and other useful information for using and setting up your latest RV Intelligence products.


smartRVcontrols User Manual



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