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smartRV™ controls

The Hitch PinLeash

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First time using my smartRV controls and it was AWESOME. Need to order a few more now and figure out how to get my landing gear connected while maintaining my auto level.

- Jason E

smartRV™ controls

I’ve lost quite a few hitch pins and hate cutting myself on the small cables so I tried this and like it. It has a strong magnet in it so you don’t leave it hanging in the dirt.

- Mike S

The Hitch PinLeash

RVing is one of life’s simple pleasures! But let’s be honest: getting the perfect RV campsite set up and ready to go does involve some hassles and headaches. At RV Intelligence, we are dedicated to making your RV experience a little easier and a little more convenient so you can get to the joys of RV camping a lot faster! Our affordable aftermarket products are designed to leverage the latest technologies and the power of mobile devices to enhance your RVing experience. Need to level your RV? Check. Need to control something wirelessly from your phone? Check. Hate losing your hitch pin? We have you covered.

Our latest addition to our family of products is the multi-functional smartRV™ controls module. Ever wondered why you can’t control many of the things in your RV using your smartphone’s built in bluetooth? So did we! Now you can control anything 12v from your smartphone using our smartRV™ controls module. And yes, these can be installed without cutting any wires and even retains your previous OEM switch for a true OEM look. Now you can control your lights, awnings, jacks, slides, and more, wirelessly, from your mobile device. Your previous switch control is enhanced for a true smartRV™ solution.


Find out how our line of smartRV™ Wireless Products can make your adventure a more enjoyable one. Motorhome tablet control? Smartphone RV control? Yes, browse our products and find out how.

On more thing… smart doesn’t always mean wireless. Checkout how our famous Hitch PinLeash solves a very common problem of losing your hitch pin. Never lose your hitch pin again with this simple solution!

smartRVcontrols OEM device with app

Creating smart RV Solutions for the smart RVers

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