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Modern Mobile Devices Have Bluetooth Wireless Technology

Most mobile phones today, such as an Apple iPhone® have the ability to speak to wireless devices via Bluetooth or WiFi. The smartRV™ controls are multi-function RV wireless remote control modules that can be configured to control more than eight different functions in your RV, such as lights (bulb or LED), jacks, awnings, slides, relays, valves, RGB LED arrays and more from a mobile device.

The smartRV app can control multiple smartRV controls units so the amount of devices you can operate are only limited by how many you have. Download the free smartphone smartRV app, available for iOS and Android, to configure a module for the function you need.

Each smartRV controls wireless RV module has 70 feet of wireless range and cell / wifi service is not needed for wireless operation. The smartRV controls also have our trademark smartLOCK™ environmental safety system to ensure safe operation in all conditions by locking all operation while your RV is in motion.  This smartRV™ controller can be upgraded wireless for even more features to come!

Our products are Made In America by RVers, for RVers.

iPhone® is a trademark of Apple Inc.

Watch in time-lapse as Herb installs our latest SmartPhone operated Wireless remote control unit in a bumper pull camper. The unit is a simple replacement for the existing switch. Manual control still functions with the added safety of motion activated smartLOCK™ locking smart technologyand wireless control smart rv system.

 smartRVcontrols ™ by RV Intelligence.


Check and see if you have on your RV, a monoblock or a pigtail switch adapter (pictured below) and if you do, you should consider our smartRVcontrols PIGTAIL adapter! Which makes installation easier than ever by avoiding having to cut and strip wires by instead introducing a simple plug-in method for your smartRV controls.

Pigtail adapter hardware installation guide and

CHECK THIS OUT!!!  -> Video Installation Guide

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It seriously doesn’t get any easier than this!

With 1 screwdriver, watch Herb install the smartRVcontrols MODULE in 60 seconds using our new smartRVcontrols PIGTAIL adapter!

Questions and Answers

What is the smartRV™ controls effective working range?

We estimate that the smartRV™ controls will connect within ~70 feet.  There are many factors that can change this answer, and they are technical, but since most RVs are much less than 70 feet we feel sure that you will never lose connection due to range.

Do I have to have cellular coverage or Wi-Fi access to use the smartRV™ controls?

No, the SRVC is connected by Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE; you do not need to have active cellular service or Wi-Fi to connect to a



My Bluetooth headset cannot go 10 feet. How can your device work at 70+ feet?
Bluetooth Low Energy is a version of Bluetooth found in all smartphones developed in the last 5 or so years; you have it and most likely did not know it. BLE is how health monitors and other new personal devices connect to your smartphone.
What if I just want to use my existing switch?
While both units will work with your existing switch, we also offer an OEM version of the smartRVcontrols™ now. Please take a look! These are great replacement for common awning and slide controllers found in many RVs today and sound like a perfect match for you.
I upgraded my phone(s) and now I can't pair with my smartRV™ controls!
smartRVcontrols can store up to 4 device pairings at once. Please make sure to clear out your paired devices from the Device Configuration screen if you reach this limit and get a new mobile device. You’ll find 3 options. “CLEAR OTHER PAIRED DEVICES”, “CLEAR ALL PAIRED DEVICES”, and “CLEAR MY PREVIOUS DEVICE”.
How do I perform a Hard Reset of my smartRV™ controls?
You can perform a Hard Reset (RESET TO DEFAULTS) from the Device Setup screen if you are currently connected to your device. This will clear out all settings and device pairings for the module. This can be found at the bottom of the screen. You can also perform a Hard Reset by pressing and holding both of the buttons for a few seconds on the front of the module until the lights on the module flash. For OEM modules, you can rock your switch back and forth in quick succession 3 times within a few seconds. (Extend, Retract, Extend, Retract, Extend, Retract).

Have a question about the smartRV™ controls?

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