The smartRVcontrols are multi-function remote control modules that can be configured to control more than eight different functions in your RV, such as lights (bulb or LED), jacks, awnings, slides, relays, valves, RGB LED arrays and more. The smartRVapp can control multiple smartRVcontrol units at the same time. Download the free smartphone smartRVapp, available for iOS and Android, to configure a module for the function you need. It has a 100-foot range, and cell/wifi service is not needed for operation. The smartRVcontrols also have smartLOCKā„¢ environmental safety system to ensure safe operation in all conditions.

smartRVcontrols multi function remote control for RVs

Questions and Answers

What is the SRVCs effective working range?

We estimate that the SRVC will connect within ~100 feet.  There are many factors that can change this answer, and they are technical, but since most RVs are much less than 100 feet we feel sure that you will never lose connection due to range.

Do I have to have cellular coverage or Wi-Fi access to use the SRVC?

No, the SRVC is connected by Bluetooth Low Energy, BLE; you do not need to have active cellular service or Wi-Fi to connect to a SRVC.

My Bluetooth headset cannot go 10 feet. How can your device work at 100 feet?

Bluetooth Low Energy is a version of Bluetooth found in all smartphones developed in the last 5 or so years; you have it and most likely did not know it. BLE is how health monitors and other new personal devices connect to your smartphone.

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