Trailer jack remote control app technology for your phone or tablet

The JAS30™: An Affordable RV Jack Remote Control Right From Your Smart Phone!

Those of you who are familiar with RV Intelligence also probably know about our long history as passionate RVers and our dedication to the amazing RV community across the United States. But you may not know that our products have all grown out of the belief that convenience need not be expensive. Brand-new, high-end trailers often come pre-equipped with all the latest bells and whistles, but unfortunately, also come with a price tag that puts them out of reach for too many of us. Trailer jack remote technology is finally here for your smartphone or tablet.


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Well, we believe that making RVing just a bit easier and a whole lot more fun need not be extremely expensive! In fact, sometimes RVing is even more fun, and even more authentic, when you can tinker and retro-fit and build out your own unique RV with exactly the features you want, at a price that you can afford. Our first aftermarket product—the camper remote control—was designed with exactly that in mind: a product that enables us—and now you—to build in the convenience and ease of a high-end trailer jack without the price tag.


What is the JAS30™ RV Jack Remote?

What is the JAS30™ motorhome jack remote control? The JAS30™ is an aftermarket remote control unit that can be installed into the wiring of your electric nose jack and, when paired with our proprietary RVIQMOTION™ app on your smart phone or mobile device, allows you to control the jack right from the driver’s seat. It really is as easy and as simple as that.

Who among us hasn’t been frustrated with the onerous process of getting the truck and trailer hitched together: shouting at each other through the window “just a little bit higher”, “wait, just a bit more”; well, you know the story. The JAS30™ eliminates all of that! With the JAS30™, the driver can simply align the tow vehicle and trailer into position, then use the RVIQMOTION™ app on his or her smart phone to move the jack into the correct vertical position using the buttons on the app itself!


How Do I Set Up JAS30™ Remote Control?

The JAS30™ remote control is easy to install and easy to use, and requires just three easy steps:

  1. Install* the JAS30™ RV Remote Control into the appropriate jack wiring system
  2. Download and install our proprietary RVIQMOTION™ app on your Apple or Android device
  3. Pair the app and the control unit using our easy-to-follow instructions


* Installation Disclaimer: Installation of the JAS30™ remote control unit requires knowledge of the electrical wiring system of both your RV and your jack. Wiring systems and electrical units are dangerous and should only be altered by a knowledgeable professional. We recommend having the remote controls professionally installed by your local RV service provider. However, for those individuals who have experience with RV wiring systems, we do provide installation instructions here.


RV Intelligence: Smart RV Products for Smart RVers

At RV Intelligence, we offer Smart RV Products for Smart RVers. We specialize in after-market products designed to minimize the small headaches and stresses associated with RVing so you can get to the fun faster! To purchase any of our products utilizing the latest RV technology, please visit one of our growing family of RV accessory retailers online and across the country.


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